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Best Endodontist in Faridabad

In day to day practice we do come across situations that deviate from normal and need special attention. We and our team are specially trained to take care of situations that need special attentions. We are trained to handle geriatric patients, pregnant and nursing mothers and patients with special needs. We put are skills and knowledge to the best of application to see that you are comfortable and get the best required:

In Geriatric Dentistry we take care of :

> Decay Control
> Salivary Substitutes for Dry Mouth
> Repairs of Reconditioning of Old Dentures
> Special Oral Hygiene Aids (Poor Motor Skills)
> Home Visits (Physically Disabled Patients)

For Pregnancy Dentistry :For Kids Dentistry: Dealing with pediatric cases can get very challenging. At our facility you and your child will not only be given individual attention but your child will be motivated to get dental treatment as we are well versed with:

> Child Psychology (Clearing inhibition towards Dental Therapy)
> Caries Control (Pit & Fissure Sealants, Fluoride releasing cements)
> Oral Hygiene Procedures & Active Fluoride Therapy
> Habit Breaking Appliances (Thumb Sucking, Mouth Breathing)
> Pain Management (Pulp Therapy)
> Space Maintainers (Space Closure Prevention)
> Restoration of Gross Decay (Stainless Steel Crowns, Strip Crowns)

Diabetic Dentistry: The dental treatment for diabetics and hypertensive’s is very important and crucial. We are well equipped with referral lab facilities, Digital Glucometer, Digital Blood Pressure equipment to evaluate your BP and Blood Sugar levels before any dental procedure is started. We make sure all your medical parameters are under normal levels before we initiate any dental procedure.

Sedation Dentistry is a specialized procedure to ensure that the treatment is done in extremely smooth way. This is followed at rba Dental Care.

Sports Dentistry: Hard and Soft mouth Guards are provided to be used While playing contact sports like Boxing and Basketball.

Differently-abled Dentistry: For especially abled people i.e. management of Special Children and Geriatric patients (Autism, Mentally disabled) facilities and treatment is available at rba Dental Care.

The latest in dentistry is Endodontist which is a treatment for the prevention, diagnosis of the dental pulp for saving the tooth. Rba Dental Care is having the Best Endodontist in Faridabad with the highest ratings on search engine website. Apart from this we are also acclaimed for providing the Best Implants in Delhi NCR with the proper nurture. Our specialised team of doctors provide the patients with the pathway to a bright new smile that fits the lifestyle. We use top quality dentistry equipments for the treatment of patients at the affordable prices for making your dream smile a reality.