Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

At rba Dental Care we provide advanced restorative solutions for missing teeth, cavity and broken tooth. Restoring the function of the tooth with current resin and ceramic technology has been very rewarding for our patients.

The current leading technology in cosmetic dentistry is Ceramic and Resin material. They both provide the function and look similar to natural teeth. We are trained, over the years to make your visit an rewarding one.

Our Restorative Services includes:

White Resin Fillings :

First step in restoring a cavity today is white filling. This is,by far, the most simple method of restoring d decayed tooth. Over the last decade resin filling material has replaced the old metal fillings. This has lead us in a new direction. Advantages of resin filling are less reduction of the tooth structure and more natural looking tooth.

Resin fillings which are very advanced in nature, is the creation of ‘adhesion’ of resin material to the tooth. The process involves removing the cavity carefully, applying special dental adhesive and placing resin material. Once the material is shaped, light is activated over the resin to cure (set) the resin material.

Something about Crown and particularly “Ceramic Crowns”

> Crown are made of ceramic, metal or porcelain-fused metal. They cover teeth to restore them to their normal shape and size or to hide chips or discoloration. Crowns are also required for implants and after a root canal treatment.

Broken tooth or tooth treated with root canal treatment must be protected with ceramic crown, Today highly durable ceramic materials are introduced in the dental profession for restoration of damaged tooth. Our cosmetic centre offers ceramic crown restoration for durability and functioning. Ceramic crown are lab processed and placed on the tooth with adhesive resin cement.

Ceramic Crown process involves two steps. In the first step we designs the tooth and make room for ceramic material, a mold is made of the designed tooth and sent to the dental lab for processing of the ceramic crown. After few days step two is performed, which entails, testing the crown for fit over the designed tooth and cementing the crown with an adhesive cement.

Other restorative services we offer at rba Dental Care are:

Cosmetic bonding, Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Dentures and Ceramic Veeners.