Technology Driven

The technological advancements are already re-defining Dentistry in various spectrum of treatments. With the use of these advancements, the treatment are becoming more predictable, thereby reducing the guess work on the clinician’s imagination.

At rba Dental Care we provide:

Microscopic Dentistry:

To enhance your treatment predictability, the treatment under microscope is the best option, which we use at rba Dental Care. Microscopic dentistry forms the major part of Advance Dental Care.
3-D X-rays / Imaging: This technology is already re-defining the dental treatments. A technology that brings the most detailed view of a patient’s anatomy and thereby increases the treatment predictability is available at rba Dental Care.


Lasers of using a light that gives a bloodless field. The advanced technology of lasers helps give a better treatment outcomes like lesser post operative pain, swelling and discomfort. Laser is used in rba Dental Care a wide range of treatments like Tooth Whitening, Gum Surgery, Root Canal Disinfection etc.

Tooth Whitening using zoom:

Zoom is the most advanced and by all means the best whitening system available so far. There is no post- operative sensitivity even after 3 cycles of whitening.

Dental Stem Cell Therapy :

Stem Cell Harvesting (Baby Milk Tooth and Adult Tooth) is done and the dental stem cells from the apex (root end) of the tooth and preserved in the dental stem cell banks at rba Dental Care.

Sedation Dentistry :

Basically practiced for pediatric patients and adults who are overtly anxious. Conscious Sedation (extremely Anxious Patients) is prescribed at rba Dental Care.